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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is NOT caused by sugar or diet and it is not a modern day myth.  It is a neurological disorder.

ADHD is now one of the most common childhood disorders right across the world. With a wealth of conflicting advise available everywhere you look, most parents want only one thing: to find out what is going on with their child and how they can help them.

"The ADHD Handbook" draws on the most up-to-date research from around the world to present a comprehensive look at ADHD, covering everything from how it is diagnosed to the common myths surrounding what causes it, from the brain anatomy implicated in the disorder to the pros and cons of the various types of medication, and from the most effective psychotherapies to the best parenting techniques.

In addition, there are chapters looking at the experience of ADHD from the sufferers point of view, as well as the facts and myths surrounding ADHD in adults. 

"Knowledge is power. My intent was to provide parents as much information as I could about the disorder, what causes the disorder, how it is diagnosed, what they might expect during the diagnostic process and who should and who shouldn't be involved in diagnosing ADHD. the ADHD Handbook addresses the common myths about the disorder, available therapies and a frank discussion about the different types of medications. Then there are chapters dedicated to children talking about the disorder and what it is like for them and their experiences on medication. Having this knowledge gives parents the power to make informed decisions about the best course of action for their child, to choose appropriately licensed and trained professionals to support them. Parents are taught about the different medications available for their child and what's good or bad about them. Parents will learn how to engage professionals instead of being a passive recipient, and to avoid those individuals who are not appropriately licensed or experienced in treating ADHD."  Stuart Passmore

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