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Welcome to New Horizons Counselling Centre,
managed by Psychologist and Author Stuart Passmore.

Check out Stuart's ADHD Handbook released in May 2014.

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Stuarts' new book is now ready to order.Click here to find out more about Stuarts new book, "Parenting for a Happier Home" and how you can order it!

New Horizons Counselling Centre is a private practice located in Lilydale, Victoria and is owned and managed by Psychologist Stuart Passmore.

Stuart offers a variety of services and runs professional development workshops on ADHD and parenting children with behavioural disorders, anxiety disorders, and explosive and defiant behaviour. Workshops are offered to professionals from different fields including psychologist's and school teachers. Stuart is also offering phone or Skype sessions.

New Horizons Counselling Centre also services clients from the Bay area to the Melbourne CBD to the Yarra Valley.  

Skype consultations are available via appointment.  Please contact the office via email for details.

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Join our discussion at our Parenting for a Happier Home Facebook page

Office hours
Monday - Tuesday
9am - 6pm
Thursday and Friday
9am - 5pm

The ADHD Handbook

 Parenting for a Happier Home

Get in contact with us
Stuart Passmore
8 William St E, Lilydale, Victoria 3140
Phone: (03) 9013 9796 ask for a booking with Stuart or call 0425 857 955

or PO Box 488, Lilydale Vic 3140


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